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This all original, female-fronted, six-piece Moxy Rock band based in Ithaca, NY is driving hard at bigger things and has been busy building an airtight justification for all the buzz surrounding it. With its solid-as-a-rock rhythm section, eclectic library of vintage keyboard sounds, bold and inventive electric guitar stylings, uplifting and infections songs, and electrifying lead vocals from force of nature Maddy Walsh, the band continues to reach new heights at every show.

The group's members all attest that the recent recognition they’ve garnered comes not from luck but from some seriously hard work. “We put in have a lot of hours together,” says lead guitarist and co-founder Mike Suave. “We’re lucky to have a group of such dedicated people working toward a common goal and all thinking about the future.” It’s the dedication to consistently writing new material and rehearsing it and the shared love of the music the band members make together that continues to propel MW&TBS forward and set them apart.
The band has released four studio albums: El Camino Dream [2010], Small Stampede [2012], Rhizomatic [2015], and Talk [2018], all tight, diverse, and inspired collections that showcase the band’s energy and expansive creativity. They have performed up and down the East Coast for years and out West a handful of times as well, as well as in several of the Northeast’s premiere music venues and at a number of music festivals, including the Finger Lakes GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance; Shakori Hills Grassroots in NC; and Virginia Key Grassroots in Miami, FL; Sterling Stage; Rochester Lilac Fest, Fringe Fest, and Rochester Party in the Park; the Orlando Music Festival; and Daytona Bike Week to name a few. They have also performed at many colleges, including Cornell University, Alfred University, the University of Vermont, SUNY Brockport, and Elmira College.
In a musical-minded town like Ithaca, virtually teeming with talented artists, Maddy Walsh & The Blind Spots have really had to earn their notoriety. “It’s a great place to come from if you’re a serious musician,” says Walsh. “It’s a good training ground.” Ithaca serves now as a supportive springboard that allows MW&TBS to catapult into new regions, and they continue expanding their radius.

Keep an eye on this band, as they are on their way to winning the hearts of new devotees.








“The Blind Spots, "El Camino Dream" - Singer Maddy Walsh released a solo CD a few years ago, but that only hinted at the vocal abilities she displays on the Blinds Spots' debut. She's found her musical soulmate in guitarist Mike Suave, and they've formed a band that rapidly gained a following with a series of strong shows in 2010...Best Female Singer: Maddy Walsh, for her powerful vocals on the Blind Spots' debut CD. She also did a great job overdubbing her harmonies. And she really brings it on stage, which not all singers can do when it comes to raising their game in concert.”

Jim Catalano - The Ithaca Times

“Maddy Walsh, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the Ithaca, NY-based The Blind Spots, has a Janis Joplin-kind of charisma. Walsh holds her own in the rock music world..."We can make some serious noise," Walsh said. "We want to get people out of their seats and dancing but not at the risk of leaving behind our right to perform more serious songs." It's these more "serious" songs that has me intrigued. "Cannibals are Carpooling" from the band's debut record, "El Camino Dream," exudes an indie rock-era 2002 vibe... On the track "Break This Pace," there is a definite enthusiasm that seeps out through the speakers, sounding a bit like mid-90's Sheryl Crow when she was still performing at the Tuesday Night Music Club. There is also some honky-tonk rolled up with a novice, introductory type, non-obnoxious country as well...The Blind Spots are just approaching the crest of a sudsy, salt water wave and have all of the applicable attributes to last in this "scene" for a long while.”

Steve McElwee - Centre Daily Times

Audience members probably didn’t know they were going to leave The Nines last Friday night in a hot sweat. But The Blind Spots’ energy made it impossible for the crowd to keep from moving. The Blind Spots’ lead vocalist Maddy Walsh was the first person to excite the audience. Walsh, with her charming smile, stepped up to the microphone during the sound check and released a surprisingly strong voice...As soon as guitarist Mike Suave, bassist Khris Oursher, keyboardist David Openshaw and drummer Jeff Turback stepped onto the crowded stage, the music took a rowdy turn...Within a span of seconds, Walsh, once crooning with the sweet country style of Dolly Parton, dropped the act and suddenly transformed into something close to Jim Morrison. Her brown hair flew wildly in front of her face, and her vocals loosened as she ripped through the set list. ”

Evan Johnson - The Ithacan Online

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