You live in a home built of rope
and I must admit I'm scared
to swing, to hang from the ceiling
You stay in a place made of thread
and I'm not ready to fall, to fall
to break, to break on my own
on my open face

I'd help you out of a bind
when you're all bound up
I'd pick, I'd pick
apart, apart
your web when it's sticking
I'm caught in the spokes of a wheel
rolling on the rails
You quit, you quit
You win, you win
You take, you take everything

You live where the light starts to split
and I’m not set up to take, to take
the risk, the risk
but I will — I’ll take it anyway
I’m caught in a case
empty walls, and the windows break
You take, you take
away, away
what is safe and I’m left flailing



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