Greetings, Fanimals!

Hope this finds you cruising right along through this mad, mad world in 2018. It’s been difficult to determine lately whether to put one’s head down or head up, to tune in or tune out, to rage or to cry or to celebrate or to laugh...(or even to drink or to detox!) What we can see clearly all over the country, in spite of our perplexity, are inspiring bursts of activation, especially from our youth; if there’s ever been a time to listen to kids, it’s now. Similarly, if there’s ever been a time to dive deep into creative works aimed at exposing injustice and bringing beauty into the light, it’s also now. We’ve been busy, and it’s high time to send along an update from Blind Spots’ Land.

We’d like to begin with some bittersweet news from inside: our longtime drummer, Mike Parker, completed his last tour with the band in early March and will be traveling down some other musical paths. Life is short, as we all know, and multi-talented musicians like Parker often feel the call to create more than one kind of music and to play more than one kind of instrument. He is currently working on a solo project and has been playing with local group Grand Turk. The Blind Spots has functioned as a family since our inception, which means, among other things, that each member’s presence—and absence—is deeply felt, so while this kind of news can feel devastating at first to a family, we always support each other in our respective dreams and wishes, so ultimately we’re happy for Parker in his decision, and we all look forward to hearing the new material he’s cooking up. He’ll still be an active member of our colorful community of musicians, so when you see him out there, shake his hand (maybe buy him an ice cream!—he loves ice cream!) and thank him for the years of badass drumming for The Blind Spots. MVParker, you are so valued and so loved, and we will miss your large presence in so many ways. Also, you promised us backing-up-the-trailer lessons, so see ya in the Wegman’s parking lot next week to cash in. ;)

And in the spirit of The Show Must Go On, we’re happy to introduce you to our new drummer, Aaron Fumarola! He gave a fantastic audition and so far appears to be one of the hardest working, nicest people you could meet, so hopefully we don’t rough him up TOO terribly much. ;) He started jazz drumming when he was seven years old, has since spread out into funk, blues, and rock drumming, and his feel for our tunes is fantastic. We look forward to introducing him to you all. Welcome to the circus, Aaron!

Our first show back in Ithaca will be May 4th...That’s right, MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU. <<FRICKINSTARWARS, PEOPLE
>> Aaaand well, if you don’t nerd out to Star Wars, come anyway and we’ll play songs you know and some new ones you don’t ~ all dat moxy and hometown Love! Specials guests include Honey Cave, Vee Da Bee, and a tantalizing burlesque performance from the lovely Danielle Saint Velvet (of Whiskey Tango Sideshow). Links to purchase tickets will are available TODAY here, and as always, you can save some dough buying them ahead of time as opposed to at the door on the night of the show. But you know that already.

We’ve been busy completing our upcoming album, which is set for release later this year!!! (FINALLY. As it turns out, you have to sit still and not tour ALL the damn time in order to record an album. Huh!) We completed drums and bass at our local treasure of a studio, Pyramid Sound, with both Alex Perialas
da man himselfand Mike Parker at the helm, and we recently returned home from a fantastic recording experience at Awake Studios in Nashville with producer Nick Bullock (who you may remember from the bands Revision and The Sound Awake and from his School of Rock based in Hickey’s Music in Ithaca). We had a truly magical week there, and we’re thrilled with the results. We cannot WAIT to set this baby free! It’s currently in the mixing stage, and we’ll have an exact release date (*summetime) very soon.

Side dishes:
+Maddy has also been working with Suave and several musician friends on a solo record! (Release date TBA) 
+And with her dad, Ted Walsh, Maddy will also be releasing a Madd Daddy record as well; the two have an acoustic project, which is where Maddy first got her stage legs years ago, and they finally began to collaborate on some father-daughter songwriting. What better time to release the tunes than Fathers’ Day? The show will be at Agava in Ithaca.
+Maddy also guested on solo artist Eric Athey’s new record, Swirling Sea. Athey hails from the Penns Valley region and has been working with Ithaca-based producer Matt Saccuccimorano for years. Several Ithaca musicians appear on this alt-country record, including Michael Stark and Jason Shegogue, and Blind Spots’ backing vocalist Sammi Dickerman. You can find the record on Spotify and iTunes, among other places. Get a preview of Maddy’s feature on the title track, "Swirling Sea," on YouTube (but do purchase it 'cause it's a great album!)
So come hang with us on May 4th at The Haunt!!! Bring your lightsabers and your best Chewy impression. We’ve missed you hometown loves through these long winter months, and we're gonna do our best to pack as much music into 2018 as possible.   

“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.” -Yoda


Big Love,
The Blind Spots

The Haunt
Ithaca, NY

Play Song Hey Boy
Play Song Runnin Round
Play Song Animal State

"The Blind Spots, "El Camino Dream" - Singer Maddy Walsh released a solo CD a few years ago, but that only hinted at the vocal abilities she displays on the Blinds Spots' debut. She's found her musical soulmate in guitarist Mike Suave, and they've formed a band that rapidly gained a following with a series of strong shows in 2010...Best Female Singer: Maddy Walsh, for her powerful vocals on the Blind Spots' debut CD. She also did a great job overdubbing her harmonies. And she really brings it on stage, which not all singers can do when it comes to raising their game in concert."— Jim Catalano, The Ithaca Times, Jan 5, 2011


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